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Big Ideas for Small Business® has been dedicated to helping small businesses succeed for over 20 years. The brainchild of Barbara Weltman, a respected corporate speaker, contributing editor, author of more than a dozen books from major publishers, sought-after expert media source, newsletter publisher and more than ever, a trusted advocate for small business owners. Big Ideas for Small Business® is a haven for entrepreneurs looking to succeed.

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August 19, 2017

Worker Classification Law?

Small business owners know that it’s often difficult to decide whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor, and the IRS is keen on challenging worker classification. The New Economy Works to Guarantee Independent and Growth (NEW GIG) Act (S. 1549) would create a safe harbor for classifying workers as contractors. Conditions for the safe harbor: relationship of the parties, location of the services or means by which they are provided, and a written contract.

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  • I’m excited to present this online, 3-part course for all small business owners and entrepreneurs! Classes begin September 5! Click here to find details, the course schedule, and how to register.  Are you ready to set your small business up for success? You’ve done your homework and know whether your idea for a business makes sense and that you have the capabilities to do it. Now take the time to get started on the right foot by having things in place to run your business safely, legally, and successfully. Digging through all of the small business advice on the market, […]

  • The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, which is visible in much of the U.S., is a special event. It doesn’t happen every day. This type of eclipse won’t occur again until 2024. I vividly recall watching the solar eclipse in 1970, and it brings to mind opportunities for small businesses. Special sales opportunities Merchandise relevant to a special event can be marketed to consumers. For example, solar eclipse glasses for viewing, t-shirts, posters, and more have been sold online and in stores across the country. The U.S. Postal Service even has a special forever stamp featuring the eclipse (if […]

  • Predictive scheduling laws, also referred to as fair workweek legislation or secure scheduling, require employers to give advance notice to employees of their shifts. These laws essentially bar “on call” scheduling by requiring additional pay to workers who receive short notice.  From the employer perspective, it means having to pay extra or go without help during unexpected periods, such as before or after a storm or other unexpected event. NFIB called predictive scheduling the “small business fight of 2017.” What is predictive scheduling and how will it affect your business? What the law requires The rules vary by location, but […]

  • Transparency in business means operating in such a way that everyone knows what’s happening. With social media, it’s virtually impossible not to be transparent. Just about everything gets disclosed on social media sites… by your customers, your employees, and everyone else. Thus, it makes sense to think about how transparency can be best employed in your business practices. Management transparency Management transparency means managers let employees know what they are thinking and doing. Even more, it means that employees are brought into the decision-making process. Benefit: Worker satisfaction.   According to a survey several years ago, management transparency was the number […]

  • Best Business Books of All Time

    The quotation that I keep taped to the top of my screen is from Benjamin Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” So I’m a big reader. I’ve learned many valuable lessons, tips, and insights from the numerous business books I’ve read over the years. Here’s my personal list of what I think is essential for everyone in business. Some of these books were required reading for my students when I taught a college course on Principles of Entrepreneurship. You’ll see that the books may not strictly be business books, but I’ve found value in them for running […]

  • Living with Murphy’s Law

    Murphy’s Law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Edward Murphy, who is credited with the phrase, was an aerospace engineer who recognized that problems are inevitable and advocated the use of defensive design in the projects he worked on. How does this apply to small business owners? Murphy’s law suggests you need to have a backup plan. What’s yours? What can’t be controlled It’s just a fact that there are many forces and events that businesses can’t control, including: Weather Human error World events Death or serious illness of a key employee What can be controlled […]

  • You’re probably familiar with the problems that individuals face with identity theft. You file your return electronically and it’s rejected because an ID thief has already filed using your Social Security number. Or you seek a refund which is denied because one has already been paid out to a thief. The good news is that tax ID theft for individuals is down dramatically (a 46% reduction last year). The bad news is that ID thieves have turned their focus on business tax returns. Business tax ID theft Once an ID thief obtains key information about a business, it can then […]


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Small Business Taxes and Spending by OPEN Forum


August 19, 2017


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  • The ultimate money-saving tax guide for the small business owner.   J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes is designed to help business owners make sense of their taxes and file correctly, on time, without over- or under-paying.  Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource offers a complete overview of small business tax planning and provides you with the information needed to make tax-smart decisions throughout the year. Focusing on strategies that help you use deductions and tax credits effectively, shield business income, and maximize other aspects of small business taxes, this practical guide will show you how your actions in business today can affect your bottom line from a tax perspective tomorrow.
  • The complete guide to all deductions and credits for individual taxpayers.   J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks shows you just how much money you can save on your taxes—legally—simply by taking advantage of what's out there. Millions of Americans overpay their taxes by billions of dollars every year, because constantly evolving laws and regulations make keeping track of deductions and breaks next to impossible for the everyday taxpayer. This book helps you put a stop to overpayment so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Fully updated to reflect the latest rulings and laws — including an e-supplement with the latest tax developments from the IRS and Congress — this book answers all of your "Can I claim…" questions with guidance from the nation's most trusted tax advisors.
  • Tax facts and strategies every self-employed person needs to know As a self-employed person you have to handle many, if not all, of the aspects of running your business. J.K. Lasser's Guide to Self-Employment is intended to help you with some business aspects with which you may not be familiar—but which have a great impact on your bottom line. It skillfully focuses on taxes as well as many legal and financial matters that may pertain to your business.3
  • Smooth Failing - Living Edition

    This is the Living Edition of Smooth Failing. New stories from business leaders on their business failures and the lessons learned will be added regularly at no additional cost. Alerts will be sent out automatically when each new version is available. Specific requests and challenges can be submitted by the reader for future consideration and these will dictate how often and how many additional stories will be made available.
  • Small Business Survival Book

    12 surefire ways for your business to survive and thrive! Owning a small business can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding experience, but to be successful, you must know what to do while the business is up and running, and, most importantly, what to do when the business runs into trouble. This book is definitely part of what you need to succeed!
  • As Vicki Raeburn of Dun & Bradstreet notes in the forward, "...the successful creation of credit by small business has a significant effect on one of the most important business drivers, namely cash flow. ...     [This book has] the information needed to understand and build business credit."


  • " Best information for a small business owner!
    For a small business owner, the information [in your book] is absolutely one of the best I’ve come across! Thanks so much for the break-down of information. ”

    -Michelle Joe

  • " I don't want to miss it!
    I just wanted to reach out and give you a very big, truly heartfelt "thank you" for all the work that you do to help small business owners grow and succeed. More specifically, I wanted to offer you some praise for your blog posts and Idea of the Day®. My email inbox gets so very cluttered. And honestly, on most days I will do a wholesale delete of many, many messages. But I literally stop and specifically look for your name and your small business Idea of the Day®. I don't want to miss it! In fact, I look forward to reading it daily (even on weekends!) because I know I'm going to learn something new that saves me money, time or just adds to my professional knowledge in a way that helps me help others too. So thank you, thank you, thank you for your efforts! ”

    -Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach

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    Thank you for finding this important information. Getting your daily email is like getting an MBA in small business. ”

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  • " Thank You, Barbara!
    "Thank you, Barbara Weltman, for all of your articles and tax advice to small business owners! All the best." ”

    -Shane Madigan

  • " Thanks for providing such useful information!
    I follow your blog religiously for the great tips you provide. I love the new look. It makes me smile to see that your blog got an update.  Thanks for providing such useful information. ”

    -Lee Drozak

  • " Barbara Weltman is an Advocate for Small Business
    She has been an advocate, public speaker, and resource for small business news since the release of her first book, J.K. Lasser’s Tax Deductions for Small Business, in 1995. Since then she has run her website, her Big Ideas for Small Business® newsletter, and her blog, not to mention written over a dozen books. Ms. Weltman is on this list twice because for many business owners, it is easier to scroll through her Twitter feed for trending topics and news events than search her website. However, if you don’t take a minute to read her newsletters or blog — you’re missing out. ”

    -Meredith Wood, Fundera Ledger

  • " Great segment!!!
    Barbara Weltman is one smart cookie - I follow her on Twitter, and her content is always interesting and informative. ”

    -An eBay Radio listener - purplejaime1976

  • " Absolutely love your Idea of the Day®
    it’s BRIEF, concise and timely. Funny, I do a quick scan of my bloated mail box, quickly deleting what I feel is a time waster. But I NEVER delete Idea of the Day® until I've first opened it. Both you and Napoleon Hill's Thought for the day ALWAYS get read. You’re in terrific company. Thanks. ”

    -Don Aronowitz


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